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School zone safety is crucial to protect children, reduce accidents, encourage active transportation, and foster a positive learning environment. It instills safe habits, improves parental peace of mind, and promotes community responsibility. Ensuring school zone safety is a collective effort that requires collaboration among schools, authorities, parents, and the community.  Here are some steps to

PPP Transportation Safety Innovations is on the brink of a groundbreaking development with its upcoming product, the E-Retro Retroreflectometer. The E-Retro is set to redefine retroreflectivity instrumentation in the transportation industry with its essential features, economical pricing, and user-friendly design. This article highlights the key features and benefits of this innovative device, which aims to

Pedestrian Refuges, Lane Dividers, Traffic Circles, Bike Lanes, Speed Humps, Speed Cushions and Curb Extensions Using quick-build materials for infrastructure improvements offers several advantages for agencies. Here are some reasons why an agency might choose to utilize these materials: 1. Speed and Efficiency: Quick-build materials are designed to expedite construction processes. They are often prefabricated

Using the technology of Near-Miss analysis for project prioritization and success analysis. Making our roads safer takes research, development, and implementation. The greatest challenge to effective implementation is often project prioritization. The traditional factors in prioritizing projects include concerns of politics, finance, and traffic volumes. But what moves a project up the priority scale the fastest is

ASFT is the second such partnership established in the past 12 months. PPP strives to bring first-in-class solutions to road safety issues in North America and beyond. As a leader in road safety infrastructure, a reputation for innovation, and a worldwide network of thousands of engineers, entrepreneurs, and innovators, PPP is often presented with “first-look”

Handheld retroreflectometers can be manipulated to report higher retroreflectivity. Ok, it is time to level with you. I know I am likely to get in trouble for this one. But those who know me, understand that I say it like it is. So here you go… Before I begin let me say that a properly operated, quality

Can I Rent a Retroreflectometer? Purchasing a retroreflectometer is a costly investment.  However, as their demand grows, innovative companies like PPP Transportation Safety Innovations have developed alternative options for access and ownership such as HaaS (Hardware as a Service) and Rental programs. PPP has offered a limited rental program for these instruments for a number

What is a retroreflectometer? In the most simple of terms a retroreflectometer is an instrument that assesses a pavement marking or sign’s nighttime visibility. These instruments provide an accurate visibility assessment by measuring the retroreflectivity of the material tested. This is done by emitting light toward the object at specific angles and distances known as

The cost of a pavement marking retroreflectometer can run between $12,000 and $150,000. A retroreflectometer is a specialized instrument used in the measurement and assessment of roadway pavement markings (lines) and signs. Retroreflectivity is what makes possible the visibility of the line or sign at night. Although the primary function of a retroreflectometer is to

The leading markings and sign assessment experts at PPP pick Screening Eagle’s Zehntner Line of retroreflectometers to advance North America’s road safety.    PPP, long known for its leadership and expertise in markings and sign assessment technologies, is taking the next step to improve North America’s roadways.    With the FHWA implementation of the new