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Can I Rent a Retroreflectometer?

Can I Rent a Retroreflectometer?

Purchasing a retroreflectometer is a costly investment.  However, PPP Transportation Safety Innovations offers short term and longer term rental programs.

PPP has offered a limited rental program for these instruments for a number of years. A retroreflectometer can be rented by the day, week, or even month as needed. The cost ranges between $250 and $650 per day dependent on the instrument and the length of time it is rented. The customer pays a rental fee plus the shipping of the instrument to and from their facility. Proof of insurance is required, but otherwise, it is a simple transaction process.

When you rent an instrument from PPP, you also have access to the Mapping Tools software, which provides great visualization and reporting of your measurements.  PPP makes it simple to get started with its video-based operating instructions.

PPP rents only first-in-class sign and pavement marking retroreflectometers that provide extreme accuracy with intuitive operation. An example is the ZRM-6010 pavement marking retroreflectometer. With its easy-to-use full-color touch screen, and its built-in GPS and printer, this instrument is great for simple verification or certification of the project’s pavement markings retroreflectivity. But with its more advanced features such as its compass, level, and macro camera it can also facilitate those wishing to dig deeper into the analysis of the marking’s performance.

For more information on retroreflectometers and retroreflectivity, visit the Pavement Marking Resource Center.

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