Measure Across America Project

The News

PPP’s announces SNOW BELT, its newest Measure Across America Project, to promote the improvement of pavement markings for both human and machine drivers. The Measure Across America Project (MAAP) is one of the most well-known marking assessment initiatives and is proudly sponsored by PPP and its partners. In this initiative we have thus far assessed quality of pavement markings across total of 21 states and over 6,500 miles.

It is time to focus on our northern neighbors. In these areas, a great concern is how do the pavement markings of various types perform in snowplow regions? We have decided to take on the challenge of answering this question.

The Route

We will complete assessment of nearly 1,000 miles west bound across the states of Pennsylvania, Ohio Indiana and Illinois. Not once, but twice! We will perform our first assessment this Fall of 2020 and then return for the second assessment of the same route in the early part of Spring 2021. Our previous assessments were completed on state and local highways. To have a more complete and well-rounded set of data, on this assessment we will be focused on the tollway's and turnpike's I-76, I-80 and I-90.

The Data

This expedition will be the first assessment of its kind. The first to provide comparative data and insight as to the effect of a winter and plow season on various types of pavement markings across 4 states. In this assessment we will use a mobile retroreflectometer along with the Tesla Model X with Enhanced Autopilot to measure and record 14 attributes of the markings. Attributes like retroreflectivity, color, width and even auto steering disruptions. We will compile and compare the data pre-plow season and post-plow season.

The Sponsors

PPP is partnering with like-minded Roadway Safety organizations interested in supporting this important and historic event. Particularly agencies, and those associated with Pavement Marking, Roadway Safety, as well as Automated Vehicle industries.