Since 1996, PPP, Inc. has been dedicated to delivering the highest value Products, Service and Knowledge in the Traffic Safety industries. Even with an ever-growing catalog of innovative products, we strive to be your partner in success.


Workers, Road Users.


Design, Functionality.


Application, Maintenance.

Our Purpose


PPP, Inc. is unique in the industry because we function both as a distributor and original equipment manufacturer. We as a company work every day
to achieve the goal of “Zero fatalities” on our roadways. While ambitious, it’s the only acceptable outcome. To cure this epidemic
requires a combination of three treatments: Design safer cars, improve driving behavior, and of course, create safer roads.
Our innovations contribute to safer roads for generations to come

Our Faith

PPP, Inc. is owned and managed by a group of Christian business leaders. As such, principles such as honesty, integrity, hard work
and fairness are integral to the way we conduct business. We truly believe that all we receive and achieve is by the Grace of God and is to be used
to glorify Him. This company ultimately belongs to God and it is our desire and responsibility to properly manage what has been entrusted to us.
We urge you to hold us accountable if ever our actions are inconsistent with this foundation.

What: Provide the World with affordable, innovative transportation safety solutions that effectively save lives and reduce injuries.

How: Discover and developing, through invention and innovation, effective solutions that overcome the barriers of economy and geography.

Why: From a Biblical perspective we are to love our neighbor. To love them is to hold them precious and protect them.
Therefore we are obligated and commanded to use our skills, talents, expertise, and position in the platform of this industry to do just that.

What we do? PPP, Inc. is a family owned business with global impact. Having been in business for more than 20 years, PPP, Inc. is an industry leader in roadway safety solutions. We have distributed more than 800 different products to 1,200+ cities, 50 states and over 75 countries.

PPP, Inc.