Prayer Requests

Peace in the loss of a friend       September 29, 2021
Pray that the family of Daniel Williams, a former employee and a road safety industry veteran, finds peace in his tragic loss in September. Especially his wife Kathie.
Prayer for fiance fighting corona virus       January 25, 2021
Good day all I am from south Africa Durban and my fiancé has contacted the virus. He isn't doing too well and is having a problem breathing. Please keep him in prayer his name is jose damian Narismulu. He briefly showed some signs of improvement but just had a set back this morning. I’m asking for God’s healing hands and His angels to surround him and for God to wrap His arms around our family and give them peace and faith. Please help him get through this and get stronger faster. I appreciate all the prayers
Prayer Request       January 25, 2021
Please pray for my mom Lorraine’s salvation and pray for her healing. She lost her hearing, has memory loss, bad posture, body pain, and blood pressure issues. Pray for excellent health. Pray for a long life for Lorraine, in Jesus’ name. Pray for the removal of debt regarding Lorraine, in Jesus’ name. Pray Lorraine’s possessions last a hundred times longer and become newer each day. Also, please pray for salvation and excellent health and long life for my uncle Seve and aunt Jackie.
RRT       October 20, 2020
I would like prayer for a nephew that is seeking God for salvation, and for help in healing his family.
Manager       October 12, 2020
I need direction as to whether or not the girl I am dating is the one that God promised me, or not. If so, I don't want to lose her, if not then I don't want to hurt her either. Thank you.
RRT       October 12, 2020
Please pray for a customer's Mom - she has fought cancer for a few years and it has gone into remission twice before. It is now back even stronger, they found multiple tumors and she has begun chemo again.
Healing for customer trying to recover from Covid 19       October 1, 2020
Please pray for our customer to have a full and complete recovery!
School Openings       September 10, 2020
Pray for a smooth school year for the students, teachers, and administrators and all the other employees needed for the school year. May they all stay healthy and school be able to reopen with success.
Help for Foster child       September 10, 2020
Please pray for my previous foster daughter to be able to get the help and direction she needs.
Prayer request       July 9, 2020
Can you pray for Khadijah Harden that God will touch her heart to let the kids call me every day especially my 7 year old autistic son. Khadijah Harden is not saved; she never accepted / received Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. Plus, pray that she will take the kids to church.
Family sickness       July 9, 2020
Please pray for my uncle Tom. His cancer is back and needs a miracle. Pray for my grandmother, Lost another son and needs peace.
nephew       June 19, 2020
Please pray for my nephew who is working to overcome drug addiction
For peace and reconciliation       June 17, 2020
My prayer is for peace and reconciliation for the citizens of the US. Regardless or race or religion.
Healing for the world       June 13, 2020
Please pray for God to heal our Country and bring people together in love
Surviving CoronaVirus Situation       June 1, 2020
That my family gets through coronavirus situation and retain their health.
Prayer for safety and security in this crazy time.       June 1, 2020
God protect our industry during these times. Watch over our employees and give them peace.
Bless and protect the soul of our beloved Rocco       June 1, 2020
I ask for prayer that God bless and protect the soul of our departed Rocco. He left us far too soon. The author of this prayer section is now being prayed for in his creation. Rocco dear friend, we will certainly miss you.
Healing for the world       June 1, 2020
Asking for prayer for healing from this virus for this world and for a cure to be found.
Pray for a friend’s boyfriend with Covid-19       June 1, 2020
I would like to request prayers for my friend Griselle's boyfriend Frank. He has been in ICU for 22 days now with the Coronavirus. He briefly showed some signs of improvement but just had a set back. I'm asking for God's healing hands and His angels to surround Frank and for God to wrap His arms around Griselle and give her peace and faith.
Parking lot project       March 3, 2020
I ask for prayer that these items I am purchasing will solve our parking lot situation in Sonoma, CA, and that it will keep people safer, while at the same time, it will root out the trouble makers, so their only option is to slow down or go speed and do donuts in some other parking lot. I also ask for a hedge of protection around our new speed bumps, (once we get them installed) so that no one would try to vandalize or destroy them---thank you for having prayer requests on your site! Such a blessing!
Prayer for a lovely lady and her wonderful family       August 19, 2019
Please pray for Debbie and her family. She has recently lost her father who was taken from this world by Cancer. May her family and all that grieve hear the calming voice and feel the hands of God, to ease their pains.
Prayer for my brother       August 19, 2019
I would like to request a prayer for my brother, Robert. He is currently in an adult care living facility and has some serious medical issues. Robert is only 55 years young, but suffers from Epilepsy and has severe memory loss, as he is on many meds while still not getting his seizures under complete control. Please give him the strength to push through...