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Introducing the E-Retro: Evolving Retroreflectivity Measurement in Transportation Safety

PPP Transportation Safety Innovations is on the brink of a groundbreaking development with its upcoming product, the E-Retro Retroreflectometer.

The E-Retro is set to redefine retroreflectivity instrumentation in the transportation industry with its essential features, economical pricing, and user-friendly design. This article highlights the key features and benefits of this innovative device, which aims to ensure nighttime visibility and accurate measurement of pavement markings while providing convenience and cost-effectiveness to local agencies, CEIs, and pavement marking contractors.

Essential Features:

The E-Retro Retroreflectometer boasts a range of features that are essential to proper pavement marking assessments. Its RL Retroreflection Measurement capability guarantees the safe nighttime visibility of pavement markings. By providing accurate optics, the E-Retro ensures precise readings of white or yellow pavement markings, eliminating guesswork and enhancing overall measurement accuracy. With its open optical path, the E-Retro allows measurements in various conditions, including dry, wet recovery, or continuous wet situations, at any time of day.

Enhanced Efficiency and Convenience:

Designed with efficiency in mind, the E-Retro incorporates a 2GB memory, enabling the storage of up to 100,000 readings. This reduces the need for frequent data downloads, saving valuable time in the field. The device is powered by a high-capacity battery, capable of delivering up to 10,000 readings per charge. This minimizes recharging downtime and ensures extended operation on a single charge.

The inclusion of a built-in GPS system adds further value to the E-Retro. It provides accurate mapping of pavement markings’ locations, streamlining data management and enhancing overall project efficiency. Additionally, the E-Retro features an onboard printer, allowing for convenient field reporting and certification, eliminating the need for external devices or additional steps.

User-Friendly Design:

The E-Retro is designed with the user in mind. Its durable 5-inch touchscreen offers easy operation and clear visibility of data, ensuring seamless interaction and efficient measurement. The compact and lightweight design, comparable to the size of a shoe box, facilitates safe transport and easy field operation. This design consideration aims to minimize fatigue and enhance user experience during prolonged use.

Economical Solution:

PPP Transportation Safety Innovations recognizes the need for an economical solution that does not compromise on features or quality. The E-Retro addresses this by offering a full-featured retroreflectometer at a target price of under $10,000. This competitive pricing makes it an accessible choice for local agencies, Construction Engineering Inspectors (CEIs), and pavement marking contractors, enabling them to enhance their measurement capabilities without breaking the bank.

As PPP Transportation Safety Innovations nears the completion of the E-Retro Retroreflectometer, transportation safety professionals can anticipate a transformative solution for retroreflectivity measurement. With its essential features, economical pricing, and user-friendly design, the E-Retro aims to evolve the industry by ensuring nighttime visibility and accurate measurement of pavement markings while providing convenience and cost-effectiveness.

Stay connected for the official launch of the E-Retro, the evolution in retroreflectivity instrumentation.