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The leading markings and sign assessment experts at PPP pick Screening Eagle’s Zehntner Line of retroreflectometers to advance North America’s road safety.    PPP, long known for its leadership and expertise in markings and sign assessment technologies, is taking the next step to improve North America’s roadways.    With the FHWA implementation of the new

A PPP Quick-Share Here is a potential high-tech solution to improving the safety of vulnerable road-users like pedestrians and cyclists. It can detect a user’s presence and even direction, through the capture of Bluetooth, WiFi, or cellular signal.  Then pass that info to motorists through mounted signs and eventually into the vehicle itself. I met

A PPP Quick-Share Post A cool innovative lighting system that not only assists in edge delineation of a fog-laden roadway, but also acts as a dynamic traffic management device that warns oncoming drivers of real-time reduced or stopped vehicles ahead. I had been monitoring these folks for a while, admiring the innovative solutions they were