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pavement Marking retroreflectometer

PPP Transportation Safety Innovations is on the brink of a groundbreaking development with its upcoming product, the E-Retro Retroreflectometer. The E-Retro is set to redefine retroreflectivity instrumentation in the transportation industry with its essential features, economical pricing, and user-friendly design. This article highlights the key features and benefits of this innovative device, which aims to

Can I Rent a Retroreflectometer? Purchasing a retroreflectometer is a costly investment.  However, PPP Transportation Safety Innovations offers short term and longer term rental programs. PPP has offered a limited rental program for these instruments for a number of years. A retroreflectometer can be rented by the day, week, or even month as needed. The

What is a retroreflectometer? In the most simple of terms a retroreflectometer is an instrument that assesses a pavement marking or sign’s nighttime visibility. These instruments provide an accurate visibility assessment by measuring the retroreflectivity of the material tested. This is done by emitting light toward the object at specific angles and distances known as

The cost of a pavement marking retroreflectometer can run between $12,000 and $150,000. A retroreflectometer is a specialized instrument used in the measurement and assessment of roadway pavement markings (lines) and signs. Retroreflectivity is what makes possible the visibility of the line or sign at night. Although the primary function of a retroreflectometer is to