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Median-Alert™ - Now Available to Buy Online

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Pavement maintenance, marking, traffic signs, and workzone safety products and equipment catalog

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Pavement maintenance, marking, traffic signs, and workzone safety products and equipment catalog

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Use these calculators as a tool to estimate the sealcoat and road marking material usage and costs for your projects.

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Welcome to PPP

Since opening our doors in 1996, Professional Pavement Products has supplied asphalt and pavement contractors and traffic agency officials with our over 800 products including sealcoat materials, tools and equipment, traffic paints, line striping equipment, roadway markers and delineators, speed cushions, traffic signs, retroreflectometers for traffic signs and roadway markings and more. Last year PPP provided products to nearly 2,000 companies, in 45 States and 22 Countries.

Simply put, we provide almost any product for the maintenance, construction, repair, and safety of your roadways and parking lots from our locations in Florida, North Carolina, Texas and Oklahoma.

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Professional Pavement Products locations including; Jacksonville, Orlando, Charlotte, Raleigh and Houston See All Locations

What's New

Professional Pavement Products Announces Sale of Pavement Maintenance Branch Operations

Jacksonville, FL -

Professional Pavement Products (PPP) has sold its pavement maintenance branch operations to longtime partner GemSeal. Official May 11, 2018, GemSeal has acquired the six PPP locations, Jacksonville, Charlotte, Tulsa, Houston, Orlando and Raleigh. For over 20 years PPP has carried the GemSeal brand of pavement sealer and related products. “It’s been a great relationship and the time came when it made sense for us to join forces and become one of the largest pavement maintenance distributors in the US. It’s a win for our customers, employees and vendors.” said Greg Driskell, PPP President.

“This acquisition is an important part of our strategy of national growth for our company and will provide opportunities to expand the product lines at both GemSeal One Stop Shops and former PPP stores.” Said Jeff Lax, President and CEO of Gemseal.

The remaining PPP organization will live on as Driskell and his senior team will now focus on a mix of transportation safety related product solutions that positively impact motorists, pedestrians bicyclists and more.

“Over the years, my passion for solving transportation safety related problems has grown into a full-blown obsession.” states Driskell. PPP will use its 27 years of industry experience and the talents of their team to focus on its specialty divisions of Safer Roads, Alert Brands, and Retroreflectivity Technologies. Expanding these and future divisions will contribute the safety of roadways, runways, railways and seaways. Since inception, our goal has remained the same. PPP designs, develops and distributes affordable solutions to everyday transportation related problems. Bridging the gap between safety and budget.

I’m excited about the future and now have the ability to have laser focus on the transportation safety industry through new product development and customer interaction. With this change we will be able to launch our many innovative product solutions faster and expand their reach and impact internationally.” Says Driskell

About Professional Pavement Products

Professional Pavement Products (PPP, Inc.) designs, develops and distributes roadway and transportation safety innovations. Since opening its doors in 1996, PPP has been dedicated to delivering high value solutions to the industry sectors it serves. As an industry leader with extensive experience in the roadway and transportation safety of all 50 U.S. states and more than 75 countries, PPP continues in the award-winning development and innovation of safe, smart, and simple roadway and transportation infrastructure safety solutions. Protecting the lives of motorists, bicyclists, pedestrians and passengers.

About Gemseal

GemSeal manufactures, supplies, and specifies pavement preservation products nationwide, including sealers and additives, lot marking paints, crack sealants and fillers, pothole patches, primers, and equipment. For more than 60 years, we have been passionate about and defined by our products, value, delivery, and customer support. GemSeal sells its products through a network of distributors and a direct sales force to professional contractors, departments of transportation, and municipalities.

Customers and vendors are invited to follow further company developments on


  • "PPP in Orlando Is a great place. Those guys are always on point, very helpful, and quick to get you what you need and get you back working. Great atmosphere!"

    Tim - William Complete Asphalt Care Orlando, FL

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