Modular Median™ Structural Delineation

The RediPave Modular Median™ is an innovative modular system designed for the safe, smart, and simple creation of refuge islands and build-outs. As a modular system, different shapes can be made to suit almost any application; making it a safe, smart, and simple device for motorists, pedestrians, and bicyclist.

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ORCA™ Lane Separator

The Orca Lane Separator™ improves the safety of pedestrians, cyclists, and motorists. The Orca Lane Separator™ is used for lane control and separation. The Orca Lane Separator™ features curbing, flexible posts, and retroreflective materials. The Orca Lane Separator™ is the safe, smart, simple lane separator.

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Traficop™ Speed Cushion

The Traficop Speed Cushion™ safely reduces vehicular speeds and excessive average daily traffic through our neighborhood roadways. As our highways and primary roadways become increasingly congested, motorists are utilizing our neighborhood streets as alternate routes, putting the residents in danger. The Traficop Speed Cushion™ is a safe, smart, and simple solution for calming and managing traffic on residential roadways.

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Sitecop Speed Bump &
Sitecop Plus™ Speed Hump

Sitecop™ and Sitecop Plus™ reduce speeds in areas where pedestrians and motor vehicles most intersect, parking areas and perimeter roadways. These complex, congested areas are prone to vehicular damage and pedestrian injuries. The Sitecop™ and Sitecop Plus™ are safe, smart, and simple countermeasures for accidents and injuries in these environments.

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