Traficop™ Speed Cushion

Traficop™ Speed Cushion

The Traficop™ Speed Cushion safely reduces vehicular speeds and excessive average daily traffic through our neighborhood roadways. As our highways and primary roadways become increasingly congested, motorists are utilizing our neighborhood streets as alternate routes, putting the residents in danger. The Traficop Speed Cushion is a safe, smart, and simple solution for calming and managing traffic on residential roadways.



• Reduces speeds and traffic flow through neighborhood roadways, improving the safety for the residents

• This modular system installs quickly to get the workers' feet off the street

• Special cushion design provides effective traffic management with minimal delays in emergency vehicle response times



• Distinct durable construction and anchoring that will often outlast the roadway of which it is installed

• Special dimensional design slows and deters traffic without impeding emergency vehicles

• Proven effective throughout its entire life cycle



• A two to three-man crew can install a cushion in as little as 45 minutes

• No heavy equipment, or full roadway closures needed for installation or transport

• Preformed modules eliminate complex field engineering

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Traficop™ Speed Cushion FAQ's

We have examples where the product has been applied on the roadway for over 15 years. Because it is a solid construction throughout, it has maintained its profile. The seams of the modules are just as even as the day it was installed due to the proprietary anchoring system.
All SiteCop and Trafficop products are fastened with stainless steel bolts and nylon anchors. The complete spec sheet and tool list can be found here for the SiteCop and here for the TraffiCop.
Recycled Rubber Shard, 2-Part Polyurethane Binder, pressed at 160 tons of pressure.
The products weigh between 15-50lbs depending on the product. A standard pickup truck can transport most loads and no forklift is required.
The SiteCop and Trafficop have proven to perform well in the blistering heat of Florida’s summer months with full sun exposure. On the other extreme, we also have examples of harsh winter climates such as in the case in northern Michigan with the same results and undamaged units.
We don’t recommend this. Rubber is extremely difficult to get adhesion. The markings the units come with are baked in the mold with the product. If additional visibility is desired, we frequely supplement projects with the PostAlert, Median Alert, High visibility GXR pavement paint.

Traficop™ Speed Cushion Spec Sheet