PostAlert™ 2

PostAlert™ 2

Sold in boxes of ten (10) PostAlert™ 2: Each box contains ten of any single color variation

The PostAlert™ 2 is a simple way to place emphasis on an important or partially obstructed sign. The PostAlert™ unique shape draws extra attention of motorists from any and all directions, making it a safe, smart, and simple life-saving device.
Government agencies continue to recognize the important correlation between the retroreflectivity of roadway signs and roadway safety. There are millions of signs on our roadways and they all play a vital role in keeping motorists safe. While all roadway signs are important, some are of more importance than others and need to be emphasized.

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• The PostAlert™ 2 protects pedestrians and motorists at school crossings, highway entrance and exit ramps, high-risk intersections and mid-block crossings

• Provides visibility and conspicuity for traffic signs and their posts – regardless of the time of day or the direction of a vehicle approach

• Unique radius design provides visibility in excess of 180 degrees



• The black base of the PostAlert™ creates significant contrast with any of the retroreflective material colors to positively affect daytime visibility

• Heavy-duty and innovative HDPE construction results in years of effective life for most roadway applications and environmental conditions

• Multiple colors, sizes, and marking configurations ensure a clear and concise message to motorists



• All PostAlerts™ are designed to be quickly and easily installed to virtually any post type in one to five minutes

• The PostAlert™ 4 & 2 has three pre-drilled holes that match up to pre-punched u-channel and square posts

PostAlert™ 2 FAQ's

Yes, both of our Post-Alert series meet the MUTCD 2A.21 and MUTCD 2C.64 standards.
The Post-Alert series are made from an impact and temperature-resistant High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) substrate and premium micro-prismatic highly retroreflective sheeting.
Depending on the model and quantity the cost is between $14 and $39 dollars.
Post-Alert 4 can be installed with round post brackets, bolts, and anti-theft rivets. They also have an included Snaploc Fastening System for a 360-degree angle of retroreflectivity.

Post-Alert 2 is applied with industrial grade adhesive strips. Once the signpost is wiped clean the adhesive backing is pressed onto the sign with no tools required.
They are all designed with reflective sheeting. The light is reflected back to its original light source.
The Post-Alert 4 series come 6ft in length x 4 inch width.

The Post-Alert 2 series come 5ft in length x 2 inch width.
Yes, the Post-Alerts can be manually modified using a simple hand saw.

PostAlert™ 2 Spec Sheet