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PPP, Inc. Commits $1 Million to Underfunded Agencies Around the World.

The owners and employees of PPP, Inc. are embarking on a 5-year worldwide safety initiative.  In it, they have committed to provide a goal of $1 million of roadway and transportation safety solutions to underfunded agencies around the world.

The PPP Team had the following to share:

As we met in our annual strategic planning event, we felt that God kept saying, “it’s not all about you”.  This drove us to look for a deeper cause, to look outside of our company and even outside of ourselves.  A cause that could benefit what is scripturally written as ‘the least of these’.

Our goal as a company has long been to create Safe Smart and Simple Solutions that improve transportation safety and save the lives of our father’s, mothers, sisters, and brothers.  Solutions that are accessible and affordable for most any agency.

It will be impossible to reach our national goal of ‘Zero Deaths’ if we continue to leave these underfunded agencies behind.  The inbound innovative technology is awesome and abundant, but these things cost money, money that many agencies do not have.  Simply put we just don’t want people to die on a road because the agency couldn’t afford the efforts to improve its safety.  President and Founder of PPP, Greg Driskell, further shares,

“In my travels domestically and around the world as a transportation safety specialist, I’ve seen what could only be described as horrific accidents. We believe that it takes 3 things to improve safety. First, is that safe, smart, simple solutions must be available. Second, is the agency must be aware and educated on those solutions. And third, is that these solutions must be accessible geographically and economically”.

So how would we do this? Write out checks and donate it to government agencies? No, I don’t think we’ll get by with that, but what we will do is continue our dedication to discovering and developing such solutions. We will commit a portion of the profits of some of our most innovative solutions in our AlertBrands™, SaferRoads™, and Retroreflectivity Technologies lines, to help selected underfunded agencies. Moreover, we hope to join with like-minded companies to do the same with their solutions. We’ve long since known that what we offer, no matter how great, is not always the best solution for the situation. It is simply a tool in their toolbox to work with, among many other tools. Whether they be ours or someone else’s.

This, of course, is the most direct way of achieving our goal, but we will also be committed to investing in the awareness and education of the problems and solutions to such agencies.

Stay connected to learn more about the plans and efforts of this exciting initiative. Because in the end, we know that “Lives are on the Line” ™.