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Made in America?

My car is imported, my computer is imported, my clothes are imported, my fuel is imported, even my toothbrush is imported. In fact, it is difficult for me to find anything made in America these days.  The other day I was watching country music videos and the song Made In America came on.  It echos these sentiments about a father’s heartbreaking “seein’ foreign cars filled with fuel that’s not ours and wearin’ cotton that we didn’t grow”.

If you’re looking for something of quality, made in America, stand in front of a mirror.  For there you will see the most important and influential product of this entire earth, an American.  Stand proud in knowing that although our foreign brothers can reproduce our products, they cannot reproduce our people.  I am proud of who I am and where I come from.  Even with our imperfections there is no nation that provides the opportunities that America (USA) does.  I am a product of those opportunities.  Yes other nations offer opportunities of success, but I think what sets us apart from all others is that only in this nation can you transition from poverty to prosperity, yet uphold moral and ethical standards.

Greg Driskell
President, PPP, Inc.

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