Dario Vasquez – Mediciones Viales, SAS, – Colombia

“Your units have been working perfectly in Colombia, for the last 2 years + and all the information we can get will be a positive input to our company, helping our business grow.”

Jason Nealey – Optech LLC, – Sandy Springs, GA

“Upon meeting with Jake Harris and the Traffic Engineer for The City of Sandy Springs in May, we were very impressed with the ORCA Lane Separator. We had an existing product that we had to replace almost weekly due to being struck by automobiles. Not only was this time consuming, but very costly and frustrating due to the redundancy. The City ordered a large amount of ORCA Lane Separator and Jake scheduled the install with us in August 2018. We completed the job in just a few short hours and we have seen a remarkable difference in the product performance at the same intersection where the previous product had failed many times.”

Jeff Paul – City of Neptune Beach, FL

“We first met with Jake in February 2018 to install the Modular Median as adding parking control measure within our small community. We also installed two different ORCA applications, one at a school zone raised crosswalk, and the other to create more parking spots by a local bank. Jake came out to provide technical assistance and got down and dirty with us to make the installations smoother than butter.”

Mika Clark, Signs and Markings Supervisor – Flower Mound, Texas

“It’s a success because they work remarkably well in low light areas. We tested each one by doing ‘night drives’ with my crew. In fact, we have each one cataloged with GPS coordinates. Our plan is to put the Median Alerts on an inspection schedule quarterly just like we do with our other equipment in the field.”

Brian Wheat, P.E. – Project Manager/Owner – Tuscaloosa, FL

“My company was hired as the GC for the site work and roads on a new construction middle school in Tuscaloosa. TTL Inc. came across the TrafiCop to use as a raised crosswalk and designed the plan for it. Once I placed the order with Jake, we set the installation for June 2018. My superintendent, Keith, ran the installation with Jake and our crew. After half a day in labor, we had a 30’ wide and 13’ deep raised crosswalk, built curb to curb. Now the students can go from the High School to the Middle School and cross the two-lane road safely.”


PPP, Inc.