922 Handheld Sign Retroreflectometer

The MUTCD minimum sign retroreflectivity requirements presents a challenge to all agencies. The 922’s smart, field-proven technology delivers a simple, economic solution for improving and maintaining the safety of your roadways by providing a zero-error means of meeting the minimum retroreflectivity of the MUTCD.  Agencies using the 922 can accurately identify signs needing replacement, and just as important, identify the signs that do not need replacement.

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932 Handheld Sign Retroreflectometer

The use of retroreflective materials has expanded beyond that of traffic signs and lines.  There are many uses, from safety vests to athletic wear and police cars to train cars. All have the single purpose of improving safety.   The verification of the performance of retroreflective material is critical.  The 932 is a handheld retroreflectometer designed for use in the field or in a laboratory or QA/QC environment.

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SM2T™ Pavement Marking Retroreflectometer SM2T-C™ Pavement Marking Retroreflectometer

Pavement markings are one of the single most important infrastructure elements to a roadway’s safety; they provide guidance, direction and warning to the motorists and pedestrians that use the roadway system. Retroreflectivity provides motorists with nighttime visibility of these pavement markings.  The StripeMaster Touch Series™ of handheld pavement marking retroreflectometers provides agencies and contractors with advanced, reliable, efficient, and effective means of assessing this visibility.  

From simple retroreflectivity verification to total pavement marking asset management, the StripeMaster Touch Series™ has the right device for most applications.

Some of the many common features of this series include the StripeMaster’s proven ultra-accurate optics for reliable measurement, user-friendly color touch screen for easy operation, ergonomic upright design for increased visibility, ease of operation and compact design, and protective case for transport.

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LLG7 Mobile Pavement Marking Retroreflectometer

Government agencies continue to recognize the important correlation between pavement markings’ retroreflectivity and roadway safety. These agencies are embarking on the challenge of assessing and managing the pavement markings of their entire roadway system. The Laserlux G7 is the safe, smart and simple solution to meet this challenge.

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CTP Certified Test Panel

The Certified Test Panel instantly provides in field confirmation of the measurement accuracy of pavement marking retroreflectometers.

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