LaneAlert 2x™ Stop Bar

LaneAlert 2x™ Stop Bar

Primary Composition:

Part 1: Advanced formulated heat applied preformed adhesive panel. Securely attaches LaneAlert 2x™ marking to the pavement surface. Approximate thickness 90mils

Part 2: Performance enhanced, preformed retroreflective panel. Flat design, constructed of a thermoplastic compound with integrated profiled symbol/legend. Approximate thickness 120mils.


Right-Way Direction – Solid White
Wrong-Way Direction – White with Red “DO NOT ENTER” scaled* @ approx. 18-in. x 100-in. (MUTCD 2B-37**)

Panel Size:

Length/Depth: 24-in. (.610-m)

(1) 29-in. (.7366-m)
(1) 35.5-in. (.902-m)
(2) 36-in. (.914-m)

Marking Size: 4 Panels
Length/Depth: 24-in. (.610-m)
Width: 136.5-in. (3.47-m)

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Product Videos

LaneAlert 2x™ Stop Bar Training Video

LaneAlert 2x™ Stop Bar Installation Instructions