Innovative wrong way countermeasure begins hitting the streets.

Posted By Rocco Cerullo

Nearly a year after its successful introduction, the award-winning LaneAlert 2x™ is now in production. "It has been a challenging year perfecting the formulas and processes needed to make it the effective, quality product that we demanded.", states Greg Driskell, president and co-founder of PPP, Inc and the inventor of this incredible pavement marking. "One thing I've learned about product development is that there is a complex path in making something simple. The simpler the product the more complex the[...]

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2019 Product Lineup

Posted By Rocco Cerullo

For Transportation Safety OK, we just couldn’t wait! 2018 was an important year for PPP, but in 2019 we are excited to bring some very new solutions to existing transportation problems that plague all of our roadways. Need to call extra attention to a roadsign?  We can help with that. Want to separate motorist and bike traffic?  No problem. Want to slow traffic?  We can show you how. Need to know reflectivity?  Signs, or pavement? Mobile or handheld, take your pick! Medians being[...]

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