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2019 Product Lineup

Posted By Rocco Cerullo

For Transportation Safety OK, we just couldn’t wait! 2018 was an important year for PPP, but in 2019 we are excited to bring some very new solutions to existing transportation problems that plague all of our roadways. Need to call extra attention to a roadsign?  We can help with that. Want to separate motorist and bike traffic?  No problem. Want to slow traffic?  We can show you how. Need to know reflectivity?  Signs, or pavement? Mobile or handheld, take your pick! Medians being[...]

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Roadway Safety

Autonomous Vehicles and Quality Pavement Markings

Posted By Rocco Cerullo

Our friends at Tech Briefs recently hosted a web presentation about how autonomous vehicles interpret roadway markings. In-car cameras capture real-world scenarios and the cars’ behavior. We all know this technology will impact how we plan and maintain our roadways. Learn how you can best prepare for the technology of today and structure your maintenance programs for the tech advancements of tomorrow. The presenter is Eric Nelson who is a well-known leader in the field of pavement markings and their[...]

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