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At Professional Pavement Products, we have always emphasized the importance of educating ourselves as well as our customers. We are excited to be able to now offer our customers PPP's workshops on pavement maintenance, markings, and more in online webinar format!

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Recorded Webinars:

Mobile Retroreflectivity and the LaserLux G7

November 22, 2016

Description: This webinar is to show how with mobile retroreflectivity, you can achieve accurate, comprehensive data, quickly and safely.  Whether you are evaluating a single project's performance or assessing an entire roadway system, mobile retroreflectivity can work for you.  
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Retroreflectivity 101

November 17, 2016

Description: Retroreflectivity dramatically impacts the safety of our roadways.  Retroreflectivity provides nighttime visibility of signs, lines and roadway structures.  In this session you will learn the basics of the retroreflectivity types, materials and measuring equipment. Equipping you with the knowledge necessary to insure the safety of your roadways and all that use them.

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Pavement Marking 102 - Retroreflectivity and Thermoplastic

September 10, 2014

Description: Hot-applied thermoplastic marking materials can make real economic sense for parking lots, crosswalks, and other areas where durable, long-lasting pavement markings are desired. In this session, you'll learn the basics about thermoplastic material, equipment, application methods, troubleshooting, proper safety procedures, inspection and retroreflectivity. You'll leave with a "dollars-and-cents" understanding of what thermoplastic work can offer you.

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Pavement Marking 101 - Paint

July 23, 2014

Description: The type of traffic paint and your application can have a lasting impact on your customers and may very well determine if you get the repeat business when it is time to seal and stripe again. This session is packed with everything you need to know to choose the right paint for the job, application methods, troubleshooting defects, and passing inspections.

Update: There was an error in the recorded webinar, so we have provided you with a previous recording of the webinar. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

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Pavement Maintenance 101

June 18, 2014

Description:Learn what causes the majority of asphalt defects and failure, as well as the basics of maintenance and repair. We will also discuss the differences between asphalt emulsion and coal tar based sealers, to proper application methods, surface prep, mix design and more!

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Practical Solutions for Meeting the MUTCD Requirements

June 25, 2014

Description:During this webinar we will explain 3 different options for meeting the MUTCD requirements through the use of retroflectometers. Some agencies may prefer the basic "no frills" solution, while others might find it necessary to utilize more advanced tracking and sign management methods. We'll simplify these options for you, show some examples of the software and technology agencies are using, as well as answer questions from attendees.

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Are you Ready? - An Update on Sign Retroreflectivity Requirements

August 28, 2013

Description:Time is of the essence with the new MUTCD requirements. Listen in to learn the latest on the MUTCD "Retro Rule", considerations of 5 approved sign management methods, understanding the sign lifecycle management process, real world usage of retroreflectometers, and more...

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Know WEATHER to Seal or Stripe

September 12, 2012

Description: Most contractors know that their toughest job-related decision is how to interpret weather conditions. If it's raining the answer, unlike the sky, is clear - for the moment anyways. But are you missing a window of opportunity if you call off all work for the entire day? Making the wrong decision costs both time and money.

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