Rain Maker Spray Box

Rain Maker Spray Box
Rain Maker Spray Box Rain Maker Spray Box Rain Maker Spray Box Rain Maker Spray Box
Product Code: I2-9-9-1-B
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The RainMaker accurately simulates continuous rainfall for testing retroreflectiveity of pavement markings during wet and rainfall conditions. The RainMaker is the first full featured device offered commercially to meet the ASTME2832-12 standards for continuous wet retroreflectiveity measurement.

The RainMaker is a durable, completely self-contained, field friendly device. The RainMaker is constructed of a durable powder coated, lightweight, non-corrosive aluminum. It has an onboard water tank, pump, rechargeable battery and water regulator; providing everything but the retroreflectometer itself.

The RainMaker’s two-in-one box and component cart design provides easy field maneuverability and compact storage and transportation. The spray box and component cart can be attached for easy repositioning or separated for special field conditions.

Pictures shown with the Stripemaster2 Touch Retroreflectometer. The Rain Maker is compatible with multiple Pavement Marking retroreflectometers. Call for more information.

Product Features

  • Aluminum spray box and component cart is light, yet strong
  • Powder coated in safety yellow for better visibility and safety
  • Heavy-duty wheeled component cart for compact storage and easy repositioning
  • Durable large 7 gallon polyethylene water tank for hours of uninterrupted readings
  • 12 volt water pump, battery and charger, for consistent dependable spray
  • Quality adjustable pressure regulator with gauge
  • Clear acrylic viewing window for easy monitoring and access
  • Solid milled aluminum calibration plates for easy, accurate setup
  • Handy water resistant notebook storage compartment


Technical Info
Specification Meets the ASTM E2832-12 standards for continuous wet retroreflectivity measurements

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