Prostripe MX - Waterborne Traffic and Airfield Paint

Prostripe MX - Waterborne Traffic and Airfield Paint
Prostripe MX - Waterborne Traffic and Airfield Paint Prostripe MX - Waterborne Traffic and Airfield PaintProstripe MX - Waterborne Traffic and Airfield Paint Prostripe MX - Waterborne Traffic and Airfield PaintProstripe MX - Waterborne Traffic and Airfield Paint
Brand: Medallion Series
Product Code: Prostripe MX

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Fast-drying 100% acrylic waterborne traffic paint with hybrid-resin formulation for enhanced asphalt and concrete adhesion. Improved color control and retention with special UV inhibitor. Lead-free, low VOC's and non-hazardous. Exceeds Fed Spec TTP-1952-E Type I, II.

Product Features

  • Fastest drying traffic paint available
  • Advanced resin and pigment formulation producing a hard surface that resists dirt and debris embedment.
  • Extraordinary durability and bond on concrete and asphalt surfaces.
  • Meets TTP-1952-E Type I and II Federal Spec and is lead free with low V.O.C's for safer application and disposal.
  • Authorized for use on Federal Roads & Airport Runways.
  • Formulated with high solids and pigment yielding more coverage and superior color and brightness retention.

Want to know when the weather will be best for striping? Check the DAF Scale for your area today! 


Material Preparation
Mix thoroughly before using. Prostripe MX™ will generally need no alteration prior to spray application. See application section.

Surface Preparation
Surfaces should be dry, clean and free of oil, grease, dust and other foreign matter.

May be sprayed through machines specifically designed to spray traffic paint. If rolling or brushing is necessary, Prostripe MX™ may need water added to slow dry time. Recommended film thickness is 15 mils wet.

Do not apply on new asphalt when surface temperatures exceed 115°F. This could cause severe peeling cracking of the asphalt. If application is absolutely necessary under these conditions, thoroughly mix water (maximum 10oz. per five gallon pail) to Prostripe MX and apply a test stripe in an inconspicuous area. Let set for minimum of ½ hour and inspect cracking along stripe’s edge. If cracking appears await cooler temperatures before application.

Surface temperatures may vary from section to section. Applying less miIs can also further reduce cracking.

Glass beads should be applied by any suitable method which can be regulated to dispense six pounds of glass beads per gallon of paint. When applying glass beads to a rolled or brushed line or legend, they must be applied at the same time the marking is applied.

Do not apply acrylic water reducible traffic paints when temperature is below 50°F or humidity is above 80%. Do not apply if rain is expected within 4 hours.

Equipment clean up: 100% Durable Acrylic Cleanup of utensils and machinery can be best accomplished by using warm soapy water. Do not use organic solvents.

Pintura Premium para tráfico, transmitida por agua, 100% acrílica, con una formulación de resina hibrida para mejorar la adhesion al asfalto y al concreto.  Mantiene muy bien el color y la retención de este ya que tiene inhibidores de los rayos UV.  No contiene plomo, no es peligrosa para la salud y contiene bajos COV’s.  Excede la norma Fed Spec TTP-1952-E Tipo I y II.  Se vende por cubetas de 5 galones.

Características del producto

  • Avanzada formulacion de pigmentos y resina para producir una superficie dura que resiste la suciedad y la incrustación de particulas.
  • Durabilidad extraordinaria y de adhesion en superficies de concreto y asfalto.
  • Cumple con TTP-1952-E de tipo I y II especificación federal, no contiene de plomo, bajo contenido de COV’s para la aplicación y eliminación segura.
  • Formulado con alto contenido de sólidos y pigmentos que producen una mayor cobertura y color superior y retención de brillo.
Additional Info
Coverage Rate Approximately 350 lf 4" line per gallon
Special Order Qualified DOT formulations available

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