RediPave Modular Median™

RediPave Modular Median™
RediPave Modular Median™ RediPave Modular Median™ RediPave Modular Median™
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The RediPave Modular Median™ is an innovative modular system designed for the safe, smart, and simple creation of refuge islands and build-outs. As a modular system, different shapes can be made to suit almost any application; making it a safe, smart, and simple device for motorists, pedestrians, and bicyclist.


Product Features


• Improve pedestrian safety with median refuges and crossing build-outs and other pedestrian-friendly configurations

• Manage traffic safety with chokes, chicanes and island layouts

• Ensure worker safety with fast installation requiring less time in travel-ways



• Made of durable recycled rubber polyurethane composite for extended life

• Modular system that allows multiple configurations for most any application

• Proprietary anchoring system that ensures secure, removable, minimum maintenance attachment to the roadway



• Fast install with three-man crew

• No heavy equipment required

• Installs in hours, not days

Technical Info
Specs Technical Info Specs The RediPave Modular Median’s exclusive anchor system ensures a secure and lasting device. This anchor system incorporates patented RediPlug nylon anchors, two-part epoxy resin, premium stainless steel screws and washers, and anchor blocks. • 100% recycled rubber • 2-part polyurethane binder

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