Thermoplastic Equipment

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StripeMaster 2 Touch Pavement Marking Retroreflectometer
The Stripemaster2 Touch portable retroreflectometer provides quick, easy and accurate measurement..
SMITH Compact Scarifier Deluxe
SMITH FS200 Deluxe Scarifier is the perfect tool for preparing or leveling concrete and asphalt s..
SMITH LNX8 Pavement Marking Eraser
SMITH’s LNX8 Deluxe Eraser is the best device to remove thermoplastic, epoxy, tapes, and traffi..
Reflective Glass Bead Dispenser
The Beadliner is an improved, more efficient and effective method over hand spreading or other sh..
SMITH Sulky Driver
SMITH’s Sulky Driver converts almost any walk behind paint machine, grinder or line remover int..
Glass Bead Dispenser Diffuser
Effortlessly spread reflective beads evenly over stop lines, cross walks, and any stencil up to 1..
Citri-pro Thermoplastic Equipment Cleaner
An environmentally-friendly, citrus-based organic cleaner that is safe and extremely effective fo..
Industrial Propane Heat Gun
Kit includes hose assembly, burner head and pipe handle valve assembly.  A special recessed ..
Infared Thermometer Gun
Accurately and remotely measures temperatures from -25°F to 999°F. Used in application of therm..