Pavement Marking

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The Post-Alert™ significantly enhances the day and night-time visibility of traffic signs a..
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Median-Alert is a safety device designed to assist in the alert and guidance of motorists by deli..
The Barrier-Alert™ has been designed to vastly increase the visibility and conspicuity of concr..
StripeMaster 2 Touch Pavement Marking Retroreflectometer
The Stripemaster2 Touch portable retroreflectometer provides quick, easy and accurate measurement..
White Preformed Thermoplastic
White - Premium permanent reflective pavement marking & striping product that is heat ap..
Concrete Wheel Stops
Placed in parking stalls to prevent vehicles from parking on sidewalks, medians or other restrict..
Symbol Marking Stencils
Proper pavement markings can be your 24 hour traffic director. Use these traffic control symbols ..
Measuring Wheel
Professional grade measuring wheel for easy and accurate short or long distance measuri..
SMITH Compact Scarifier Deluxe
SMITH FS200 Deluxe Scarifier is the perfect tool for preparing or leveling concrete and asphalt s..
Prostripe Plus Waterborne Traffic Paint
Fast drying 100% acrylic waterborne paint specifically designed to be applied by walk-behind..
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White Thermoplastic
White - durable alkyd thermoplastic pavement marking material that is oil and grease re..
Prostripe MX - Waterborne Traffic and Airfield Paint
Prostripe MX - Waterborne Traffic and Airfield Paint Prostripe MX - Waterborne Traffic and Airfield Paint
Fast-drying 100% acrylic waterborne traffic paint with hybrid-resin formulation for enhanced..
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Orca Lane Separator™
The Orca Lane Separator™ improves the safety of pedestrians, cyclists, and motorists. The ..
Foil Back Marking Tape
Effective and economical temporary reflective pavement marking and striping for roadway..
Aerosol Traffic Paint Striper
Compact, low-cost striping tool designed for use with upside down aerosol striping paint. Ex..