Pavement Maintenance and Construction

Asphalt and Pavement Maintenance Materials, Tools, Equipment, and more. Profesional Pavement Products strives to bring our customers the highest quality pavement sealcoat materials, equipment and tools available at the most reasonable prices possible.

Don't know how much sealcoat you need to cover a parking lot? Visit our online sealcoat material calculator and quick sealcoat calculator.

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SP-MS Emulsified Pavement Tack
For priming surfaces to a tacky finish for better adhesion of the pavement mixture. Mee..
Ready to Use Coal Tar Sealer
Excellent commercial grade concentrate coal tar sealer that not only beautifies but is essential ..
Nuvo Elite Premium Hot Apply Crack Filler
Direct fire polymer modified asphalt crack filler with all of the benefits of Nuvo CS, but formul..
Crackfill Melter/Applicator
Hot applied Crackfill using a 10 gallon Portable Melter Applicator (MA10) is the fastest, mo..
Silica Sand
Crucial to improve the skid resistance, viscosity and drying time of asphalt pavement sealers. ..
Leather Work Gloves
Excellent work glove for general applications. Striped canvas backing with a cowhide shoulder spl..
SS-1H Anionic Emulsion
Used as a general-purpose tack emulsion. Other uses include fog seal, dust control, and seed mulc..
AlertCast Detectable Warnings
AlertCast® is a glass-reinforced thermoset composite engineered for superior impact resistance, ..
Wire Street Broom
Carbon steel bristle construction makes this the ultimate push broom for thorough removal of grou..
Poly-Tar Pavement Sealer
Excellent commercial grade concentrate coal tar sealcoat that not only beautifies but is essentia..
30 Gal. Crackfill Premelt Kettle
Minimize downtime when Crackfilling by always melting with the stationary 30 Gallon Direct F..
Crackfill Squeegees
Practical V-shaped squeegee for assuring efficient application of cold pour pavement crackfill pr..
AlertTile Detectable Warnings
AlertTile® is a glass reinforced thermoset composite surface applied detectable warning, enginee..
Gold Medallion Pourable Crackfill
Rubberized asphalt emulsion with greater flexibility. Resilient characteristics allow for co..
Asphalt Lutes/Rakes
Asphalt Pavement Lutes and Rakes - Indispensable tool for raking and leveling asphalt in construc..