Pavement Maintenance and Construction Tools

The necessary tools for pavement maintenance and repair from sealcoat brushes and squeegees to asphalt lutes, rakes and hand tampers, crack fill squeegees and pour pots.

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Sealcoat Cut-In Brush
Excellent sealcoat brush to apply asphalt pavement sealers in constricted areas without getting e..
Poly Street Broom
This popular push broom's long stiff bristled design is great for the removal of dirt and debris ..
Wire Street Broom
Carbon steel bristle construction makes this the ultimate push broom for thorough removal of grou..
Crackfill Squeegees
Practical V-shaped squeegee for assuring efficient application of cold pour pavement crackfill pr..
Asphalt Lutes/Rakes
Asphalt Pavement Lutes and Rakes - Indispensable tool for raking and leveling asphalt in construc..
Sealcoat Brushes
Heavy duty sealcoating brushes for professional application of asphalt pavement sealers. ..
Asphalt Hand Tamper
Hand tamps are essential in compacting hot or cold mix asphalt and repair products, but this tamp..
Crack Sealing Pour Pot
Durable welded 14 gauge steel, 2.6 gal. pour pot increases speed and efficiency of cold pour crac..
Hand Held Propane Torch
Kit includes hose assembly, burner head and pipe handle valve assembly.  A special recessed ..