Asphalt Primers and Tack

Asphalt tack formulated to coat and promote adhesion of pavement sealcoat and sealers over oil, grease and gasoline spots or chemical stains prior to the application of sealer.

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Gold Medallion Concentrate Sealer Primer
Oil spot and sealcoating primer with a quick drying formula that coats and increases the adhesion..
SP-MS Emulsified Pavement Tack
For priming surfaces to a tacky finish for better adhesion of the pavement mixture. Mee..
SS-1H Anionic Emulsion
Used as a general-purpose tack emulsion. Other uses include fog seal, dust control, and seed mulc..
HFSM-1 Asphalt Emulsion Tack
Anionic High Float Asphalt Emulsion. Meets ASTM D 977, ASSHTO M140 and approved for use..
Citri-pro Equipment Cleaner
An environmentally-friendly, citrus-based organic cleaner that is safe and extremely effective fo..