Gold Medallion Sealer Additive

Gold Medallion Sealer Additive
Brand: Medallion Series
Product Code: I1-2-2PL
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Sealer additive that improves the total performance of any coal tar or asphalt based emulsion sealer. Decreases dry time, reduces tracking and power steering marks, creates uniform black color, increases resistance to oils, fuels, grease and water. Increases viscosity and suspends aggregates. Outstanding toughness and adhesion.
Sold as 5 gal pail.

Smart Sealcoating Starts with the Mix Design

Why Should I Sealcoat

Product Features

  • Decreases dry time
  • Increases viscosity and suspends aggregates
  • Increases resistance to oils, fuels, grease and water
  • Reduces tracking and power steering marks

Want to know when the weather will be best for sealcoating? Check the DAF Scale for your area today! 


Surface must be clean and free from dirt, dust and oil. Treat oil, grease and gasoline spots with Concentrated Oil Spot Seal/Prime™ before sealcoating.

Mix well before using. Use 2 to 5 gallons of sealcoat additive undiluted to modify 100 gallons of sealsealcoat. The amount of additive used with sealcoat will vary based on the end use in the traffic pattern areas or specifications. Always pour sealcoat first into mechanical spray or squeegee type machines, then add the proper amount of water. When agitating, slowly add additive and mix to uniform consistency. Then add proper amount of aggregates (silica sand, etc.) and mix thoroughly before application.

Depends on specification. PPP’s recommended mix is 3 gallons premium sealcoat additive per 100 gallons of sealcoat sealer, 35 gallons water, and 300 pounds sand.

Equipment clean up:
Wash tools with water, use suitable solvent if material has dried.

Additional Info
Coverage Rate 2-5 gal. per 100 gal. of concentrate sealer

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