Professional Pavement Products 2016 Manager Training Retreat

Every year Professional Pavement Products treats their Branch Managers with an all-expense-paid retreat. This retreat usually includes first class accommodations, meals and entertainment. It's a time of bonding and getting to know one another. It's a time of fun and relaxation...

Relaxation!? - well not quite. This year's 3-day event consisted of over a dozen training sessions including product, sales and operations training. The itinerary also included a road trip to the GemSeal, Tampa facility to learn more about how the product is made and tested.  Our managers spent up to 12 hours each day in sessions in support of the ultimate goal, to learn ways to serve our customers better.

Dedicated to its products, service and knowledge brand promises, PPP takes training seriously every day.  "The more we know, the more we can help our customers grow," says Greg Driskell, President and founder of PPP.

Like most things done at PPP, these trainings are multi-purpose.  Not only do they make our managers better at serving their customers, they also make them a better team.  "The most valuable part to me was the synergy and cohesiveness of the PPP Team" says Dan Williams, the newest member of the PPP family.

Driskell sums it up with, "There are many resources dedicated to these trainings, but being capable of assisting a single customer to become more successful in his or her business is a return worthwhile."



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