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Median-Alert is a safety device designed to assist in the alert and guidance of motorists by delineating median noses and other curbed areas. This patent pending device is extremely unique and unlike any other in the retroreflective road marking category of products. It is specifically designed to help correct and improve hazardous road locations and features, as well as address safety problems.
Median-Alert is a flexible, elongated device that provides for full radius delineation. It combines effective color contrast for daytime visibility and high performance retroreflectivity for night time visibility.
It is constructed with an innovative compound that utilizes 50% post-industrial waste and creates an extremely flexible, durable, and rebound-able structure that can withstand numerous vehicular impacts. It's good for the road, and good for the environment!

Product Features

    Visible and Effective 
  • More reflective surface than vertical delineators
  • As a horizontal delineator it provides a clear distinct visual cue of the median’s width to motorists
  • 1000’s of times brighter than that of paint and glass beads
  • Raised retroreflective device provides all weather visibility 
  • Contrasting color for greater day and night visibility
  • Utilizes retrorefletive directional engineering to provide 
  • Delineation without Distraction
  • Flanged D-Shape design for secure anchoring and effective visibility
    Flexible and Durable 
  • Flexible elongated design can adapt to most any radius
  • Low profile, rebound-able structure reduces damage to device and vehicle resulting from impact
  • Innovative UV-resistant PVC compound withstands wide temperature ranges
  • Contains 50% post-industrial waste – Good for the road and good for the environment
  • Simple and secure installation using both mechanical and adhesive fastening systems
  • Abrasion, chemical and impact resistant retroreflective sheeting
Technical Info
Specs Markings: 16 discontinuous 1in wide Type V retroreflective, abrasion, solvent and impact resistant strips. White or yellow in color. Anchors: Adhesive Strip: 48in x 1.25in hybrid polyisobutylene (Butyl) adhesive strip. Primarily for initial setting of device. Mechanical Anchors: 173/16in x 1.25in corrosion-resistant concrete screws. For permanent installation of device.

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