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The Barrier-Alert™ has been designed to vastly increase the visibility and conspicuity of concrete barrier walls and other fixed roadway structures. The Barrier-Alert is used to assist the motorist in identifying concrete barriers and structures that, although placed for safe physical delineation of travel lanes, are not always clearly visible or conspicuous. This is especially true in dark or shadowed medians, sharp curves, initial structure transitions, narrow lanes, or when the wall is placed closely to the travel-way. Current common practices call for only small reflective markers affixed to the top of the barrier wall. These provide limited visual information to motorists, especially at nighttime.  The Barrier- Alert™ transcends the limitations of these small reflective devices by providing a clear visual cue, not only of the structure’s location, but also of its size and shape. This is accomplished by the BarrierAlert’s™elongated and flexible material design that straddles the shape of the structure.  Further, the Barrier-Alert’s™ low profile, D-shaped structure provides a 180 degree reflective surface that can be seen from multiple approaches. The Barrier-Alert™ is constructed with safety in mind.  If incidentally struck by a motorist, the Barrier-Alert’s™ light-weight, flexible, and reboundable structure reduces snagging or secondary vehicle deflection.  The Barrier-Alert™ device can be quickly and easily be mounted permanently to concrete barrier walls and structures using mostly common hand tools.


It is constructed with an innovative compound that utilizes 50% post-industrial waste and creates an extremely flexible, durable, and rebound-able structure that can withstand numerous vehicular impacts. It's good for the road, and good for the environment!The alternating pattern of reflective media creates an unnatural black to yellow/ white contrast for excellent visibility.

Barrier-Alert's™ composite retroreflective elements provide excellent night-time visibility from all vehicular angles. In fact, its visibility is 10,000 times greater than that of paint with glass beads, and eliminates the field engineering of retroreflectivity.A typical application of a Median-Alert™ contains roughly 30% more retroreflective surface than a standard tubular delineator post. Median Alert's™ exceptional retroreflectivity and full-radius median application presents a clear message to the motorist without creating unwanted distraction... Delineation without distraction!
Adaptable to Almost any Concrete Barrier
Barrier-Alert™ has been carefully designed with specific materials and features that allow it to be extremely versatile. In fact, Barrier-Alert™ can be adapted to almost any concrete barrier. Whatever the case may be, Barrier-Alert™ can adapt!


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