Professional Pavement Products Preparing for the Future

Professional Pavement Products is on the move.

In 2017, PPP continues to embark on their aggressive five-year strategic plan, named Vision 2020. "We have several major initiatives in 2017" says Greg Driskell, president of PPP. In 2017, the company is expanding its personnel, product and service lines, branches and existing facilities. This past week Professional Pavement Products celebrated its next step in preparing for the future by signing a lease on a new Jacksonville facility. This facility will house their combined branch, distribution and corporate offices.

New Jacksonville Location

'This certainly is a major commitment, but we are super excited about the opportunities this new and much larger facility will bring.' says PPP's comptroller and co-founder Debra Driskell.

PPP's new facility is a beautiful free standing 30,000 sf building with 17 individual offices, conference room and high-tech training room. The warehouse size, layout and height will triple PPP's inventory capacity. PPP will use this new capacity for planned growth and finish production processes on several new products. A large section is reserved for the expansion of both internal and external distribution. 'As we increase our number of branches, we will certainly require more bulk capacity. Beyond that we will be looking to increase our US and regional distribution partnerships over the next year.' says Greg Driskell.

The undertaking of moving offices, equipment, and truckloads of inventory is quite daunting. But will be eased since the new facility is only a couple of miles from their current facility and the move is not scheduled until early 2018. This is one of many important steps in PPP's 2017 and overall strategic plan. More are soon to come!



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