Why did I invest in the Tesla X?

Why did I invest in the Tesla X?

It is personal.

"Why did you buy a Tesla X?” A question asked by family, friends, neighbors, customers and vendors alike. My first response is “It’s personal”. Not necessarily private, but personal. I am known as the guy that likes to kill two birds with a single stone. However, I think of myself as one of those guys that like to kill the whole flock with a single stone. That is how I feel about this investment.

I said it is personal, let me explain. First and foremost, it is about personal and family safety. We have been blessed with a level of success that affords us the opportunity to make an investment in what many claims to be the safest car on the roadway. Being in the traffic safety industry, I track the horrific numbers of deaths and serious injuries that occur on our roadways every year. Last year we lost over 30,000 fathers, mothers, sisters and brothers on our US roadways. I want to do everything I can to not add to those numbers.

Another personal reason is passion. I have a passion for making the world better and safer for all. With the ownership and testing of this vehicle, I can use my 25 years of experience and expertise to contribute to the betterment of our roadway infrastructure and ensure the advancement of vehicle-to-infrastructure communication.

Next is personal and professional relationships. Sharing the knowledge gained with others in the roadway safety industry and even offering the vehicle up for testing by others, helps us to develop deeper and more productive relationships throughout the industry.

Oh yea, did I mention it is one bad to the bone vehicle! I would not be fully forthcoming if I did not include the fact that it is simply a thrill to drive. Love its 0-60mph, top end speed, Auto-Pilot system and of course the Falcon door system. I do offer free rides, but you better wear your big-boy pants!

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