Professional Pavement Products Newest Innovations Well Received

Booth Winner
Professional Pavement Products exhibited some of their newest innovative solutions at APWA's Public Works Expo in September, winning the Best Booth Award.

This year’s focus was safety in the public right-of-way. "We have so many effective solutions, it was difficult to select only those we could effectively fit into our 20ft booth" states BJ Bunnage, Professional Pavement Products’ marketing manager.  Professional Pavement Products selected seven of their over eight hundred products to display. The Alert-Brand™ line of the Median-Alert™ and Post-Alert™ were selected based on their effectiveness in improving safety in pedestrian crossings. The RoadVista brand retroreflectometers were selected due to their necessity in assuring nighttime visibility of roadway's signs and lines. The SaferRoads™ brand Traficop™ speed calming cushions are a mainstay for durable safety improvement solutions that helps to return the neighborhood streets back to the neighbors. Then there is the Prostripe MX waterborne traffic paint.  "Although on the market for about 8 years, there are still so many that don't realize that such a high-performance waterborne traffic paint exists," states Greg Driskell Professional Pavement Products’ president and formulator of MX.ORCA

Two new innovations had their debut at PWX.  First was a cousin to the proven Traficop speed cushion, the Orca Lane Separator.  Second was the RediMat™ Duo™, a detectable warning mat with a meaningful message to the sighted.

The Orca, named for its white on black appearance, improves the safety of roadways, providing both guidance and control of roadway lane separation. Orca can be configured in regularly spaced sections for longitudinal control or as a continuous curb for lateral control. The Orca can be effectively used in both vehicular and bicycle travel-ways.

Duo matWith CleanCut technology an organization can now have a custom 2-color slogan, logo, mascot or popular characteristic of the city, county, state, school or business in -laid (not printed) right in the ADA compliant detectable warning. "Logos and branding are high on the cool-factor, but what I like most is that we can insert a meaningful and conspicuous message to distracted sighted pedestrians." says Driskell. "Have you ever found yourself so distracted by your cell phone while walking down a sidewalk that you have or nearly have walked right into the street? Trust me, millions do the same."  Relevant in-laid messages like 'LOOK' or even the name of the street distract the distracted pedestrians, warning them, that they are about to step into a hazardous area.

As for winning the Best Booth award, Greg Driskell says, “we try hard to make our booths relevant, informative and visually stimulating. I never want to have a booth that somebody walks by and says what do you do?” The sweetest awards are those that you do not expect, and we were honored and surprised by this award with so many excellent vendors and displays at the show.


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