Why the StripeMaster 2 Touch?

StripeMaster2 Touch RetroreflectometerThe intuitive touch-screen interface with user-friendly menus makes recording measurements fast and easy. The SM2T allows for quick data export directly to a computer or tablet through USB or Bluetooth connectivity. Or simply plug in a portable flash drive! The included data integration software exports the data in CSV, KML, XML and Shape-file formats for maximum compatibility with most GIS databases.

The SM2T contains innovative features and functionality that are unsurpassed in the industry. The rugged, user-friendly design and advanced features make it the most cutting edge retroreflectometer in the world.


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Data Collection

Customizable attributes and data integration software exports data in CSV, KML, XML and Shape-file formats.

Easy to Navigate

Easily navigate through the intuitive menu makes for a quick set up to take measurements fast.

Built-In Printer

This built-in printer allows you to print readings and data including customized attributes anywhere.

Weather Data

Simultaneously records weather data including temperature and humidity.

Quick Measurements

Quick and easy readings, fully compliant with ASTM/ANSI/NCSL/EN.

Stores 25,000 Readings

Stores up to 25,000 readings with in 50 files with customizable names.

Pass/Fail Parameters

Set up custom pass / fail parameters to meet your marking needs.

Pelican Case

Custom, laser cut
foam-lined Pelican® transporting case.

GPS and Mapping

Equipped with internal GPS for mapping features with Google Maps. Map displays pass/fail and attributes.

National Standards Lab Traceable Calibration

The SM2T comes with a standard reference and calibration tile calibrated in the RoadVista world-class photometric lab. The calibration is directly traceable to the American national standards lab, and the equipment used is held to the level of accuracy to ensure compliance with ANSI/NCSL Z540-1-1994 and ISO 17025.
The calibration standard allows for measurements of white and yellow pavement markings without the need for recalibration.