Sealer Project Calculator

This Sealcoat Calculator is designed to assist the customer in estimating pavement sealcoat material usage, material cost both total and per square yard for a specific project. Further it will assit in the per sealcoat tank mix calculation.

In a hurry? Try the Quick Sealcoat Calculator with predetermined mix design. All you need to do is enter the square yards of your sealcoating project.


Sealcoat Estimate Calculator

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How Many SQ Yds is My Project?
How much pavement surface are you sealing? The project is to be measured in square yards. To convert from square feet to square yards, divide the square total feet by nine.

  Square Yards for Project
Of the total square yards entered above, what percentage are in areas that require an optional third coat? For example if the total project is 100,000 sy and the entrances, exits and drive areas represent 30,000 sy of this number enter 30%.
%   3rd Coat Percentage of Tl Sq Yds

How Much Do My Products Cost?
If you wish to calculate your estimated job costs, enter the cost of each component. The amounts entered and the estimated quantity requirements will be calculated to provide a total job and square yard cost estimate.
Sealer Price per Gallon
Sand Cost per Pound
Additive Cost per Gallon

Customize My Mix Design
Next, you must establish a mix design of the sealcoat to be used. The amount of water, additive and sand are always based on a per 100 gallons of concentrate sealer measurement. All applications should have a minimum of 2 coats. A third coat is optional but recommended for high traffic areas. Each coat can have a different mix design. Although out of convenience, normally all three coats have the same mix design.

Recommended Range* Recommended Amount ***
1st Coat
100 Gallons Concentrate Sealer
Gallons Water (20-50**) 30
Gallons Additive (2-5) 3
Pounds Sand (300-500) 300

2nd Coat
100 Gallons Concentrate Sealer
Gallons Water (20-50**) 30
Gallons Additive (2-5) 3
Pounds Sand (300-500) 300

3rd Coat
100 Gallons Concentrate Sealer
Gallons Water (20-50**) 30
Gallons Additive (2-5) 3
Pounds Sand (100-400) 100

*Above recommendations are based on Gem Seal Coal Tar sealer. Check with your sealer manufacturer for their recommendations
** Care should be taken to prevent over dilution. High water content is not recommended for all three coats.
*** Due to evaporation variables, PPP recommends 25 gallons for a winter mix and 35 gallons for summer mix of our GemSeal coaltar sealer.

Whats My Application Rate?
Next you must establish an Application Rate. Application Rate for each coat can vary. Generally the first coat is applied at a higher rate due to "absorption" like affect. The third is generally the lowest. The Application Rate is the number of gallons of mixed sealer per square yard.
Recommended Rate*
1st Coat Application Rate (0.10 - 0.15)
2nd Coat Application Rate (0.10 - 0.15)
3rd Coat Application Rate (0.08 -0 .12)
* PCTC (Pavement Coatings Technology Center) recommends a minimum of .12 rate on each application.

What is My Tanks Mix Design? (Optional)
To calculate the amount of each component needed to fill your tank, enter the amount of available room (in gallons) in your tank. Because this is based on your mix design you must also enter which coat this tank is for.
Coat Number 1,2,3
Total Gallons Available