What is JobFlex™?

JobFlex™ accounts give you the ability to get the materials you need for the job by granting you higher credit limits, more time to pay, and more security to make sure you get paid.

  • More Credit
    • Flexible credit limits are determined by the material needs of each specific job.
    • Request a JobFlex™ for every job to maximize your ability to work!
  • More Time
    • 15 extra days for you to collect and pay for the materials
    • Invoices are due Net 45
      that's 50% more time!
  • More Security
    • Ensures your goods and services are paid for in a timely manner
    • Also protects the General Contractor or Property Owner from unexpected claims
    • Submit EZ Form online

Customer Testimonials

It has helped my sealcoating business immensely by allowing me to get started in the spring when money is tight after the winter season. Job Flex allows us to get the product and defer the cost. It takes a lot of stress off!

Steve Rogers, Asphalt Sealcoating and Striping Specialist

With Job Flex, I've been able to take on bigger jobs that normally would be cost prohibitive in today's business world. Companies that hire us are less likely to provide down payments and expect us to have the resources to do the job. Job Flex has made my company a real contender!

Earnest Beckner, U.S. Asphalt Maintenance, LLC

Job Flex is certainly something all small striping / signing businesses need. It has made a big difference for us, in that it enables us to bid larger projects successfully.

Donna Mains, M & J Striping, Inc.

As a paving company sometimes just a couple slow paying customers can put us in a tight spot financially. PPP's Job Flex has allowed us more flexibility with our customers, which in turn builds trust in those relationships. We've even been awarded jobs simply because we're not requesting partial payment before we start.

Bill Harrison, PaveCo Construction

I like the fact that we have more time to pay, especially when there are delays in the job due to rain or other weather issues.

Juan Serrano, JS Enterprises of Lake County, Inc.

The Job Flex program allows us more flexibility with our credit and also allows PPP a better chance to protect their investment. It's a win-win situation.

Amy Barber – All Pro Asphalt

Job Flex takes a lot of stress out of the job.

Jeff Meyer, Meyers Asphalt Services

JobFlex is a must! I highly recommended JobFlex, it helped me to get paid and it relieves a lot of stress having to do with collections

Mr.Felton, Felton's Pressure Washing & Painting LLC

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As easy as 1, 2, 3...

1. Provide Job Details - Fast, Easy, Online

1. Provide
Job Details

Fast, Easy, Online

2. Processing(48 - 72 hours) - Dedicated Knowledgeable Personnel

2. Processing
(48 - 72 hours)

Dedicated Knowledgeable Personnel

3. Pick - Up Job Materials - Multiple Locations or Have it Shipped

3. Pick - Up
Job Materials

Multiple Locations or Have it Shipped

Download JobFlex Form as PDF to email or print and fax Complete Form Online

How does JobFlex™ provide security to both you and your customers?

Subcontractor – Largely responsible for paying all material suppliers. JobFlex™ ensures the Subcontractor is paid in a timely manner by the General Contractor or Property Owner. JobFlex™ reduces the detrimental issues surrounding the inability to pay material suppliers on time.

General Contractor – Contractually obligated to ensure all Subcontractors and material suppliers are paid.  JobFlex™ protects the General Contractor from unexpected bond claims, protects their customer from unexpected property liens, and ensures timely payment.

Property Owners – Legally obligated to ensure all Contractors, Subcontractors, and suppliers are paid when improvements are made to their property. JobFlex™ provides Owners with notification that materials have been provided and is essential in ensuring all parties are paid so the property remains free of liens. This notification is general and does not reveal material costs, quantities, or brands to the Owner.

General Terms and conditions

  • All accounts such as other JobFlex™ and your House accounts must be in good standing
  • Products must become part of the job site being improved
  • Job must qualify under state lien laws or have an associated payment bond
  • All conditions of the original House credit agreement remain intact