Why I Buy Gemseal

- Audio Blog with PPP's President and Founder, Greg Driskell

I have had the benefit of selling or using many brands of sealer throughout my 22 year career in this industry. But for the past 16 years I have trusted my business and my livelihood to one pavement sealer, and that's GemSeal. I'm Greg Driskell, President and Founder of Professional Pavement Products. Let me tell you why I buy GemSeal Sealer.

GemSeal is not the most respected sealer on the market by default, but by design. For over 50 years Gemseal has been consistently producing the best pavement sealers in the industry. And I'm going to tell you their secret. Or better yet, their secrets.

It boils down to four things: quality components, quality process and quality control and assurance.

Quality Components

Let's start with the latter, quality components. Sealer is made up of tar, clay, emulsifiers and water. The quality of the tar is the basis of the quality of the sealer. GemSeal requires that all tar meets the RT-12 US government specifications. RT stands for Road Tar. This specification exceeds the industry standards. RT-12 is harder with fewer volatiles than the lesser expensive and widely used RT-11.

Greg Driskell - President and Founder of PPP
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The harder properties of the tar add durability and tracking resistance. The low volatiles reduce burning to the applicator and is better for our environment.

Then there are the Clays. GemSeal uses two types of clays in their design. They're blended together with water and emulsifier to create what's called a slurry. These quality clays reduce the tracking and tacky, natural characteristics of tar. By the way, an emulsifier is a chemical that assists in the blending or dissolving of one product into the other.

GemSeal sealer is a testament to the statement that the quality of the whole is limited and dependent on the quality of its components. You can't produce a good product with bad parts!

Quality Process

OK, so you got quality components. Now let's talk about quality process. No matter how good the components are, if your process is not right the product won't be right.

Gemseal uses state of the art blending equipment, or milling equipment. Unlike most in the industry, GemSeal uses what's called a colloid mill process to blend the components together. A colloid mill is basically a blender on steroids. It's a cylinder with hundreds of high speed blades that shears the particles to the size of a human red blood cell. That's right, that's 15 times smaller than the diameter of a human hair!

Chemically this incredibly small particle size allows the particles to stay in suspension for a longer period of time. Visually it creates a much smoother, consistent sealer. As a result the sealer is more stable, more uniformed in color, less likely to clog the filters and tips, and creates a better seal for the pavement surface... meaning more protection of the customer's assets.

Quality Control and Assurance

So we've got quality components and a quality process. Lastly and most importantly is the quality control and assurance.

GemSeal has excellent quality control of the process, and excellent quality assurance of both the components and the end product. To start with, they test each component as it is delivered from the supplier. Yes, every GemSeal Production facility has their own fully equipped lab. Sure, they have had the same suppliers for decades but they believe in the “trust but verify” principle.

Next, by using their state of the art monitoring and management equipment they are constantly aware of what is going where and when. They realize the importance of strict monitoring when managing a high speed mill that can produce more than 3000 gallons an hour!

But even when its done, it is not done! The sealer goes from the mill to a holding tank for further quality assurance. The newly blended sealer is then held and tested again. Using the facility's in-house lab, the sealer is then reverse-engineered to test for water, clay and tar content. This ensures that the right amount of each component has been blended. After all, the wrong amount of tar and the wrong amount of clay can cause you to have a really bad day.

Last, let me share this. In 16 years and literally millions of gallons of sealer, I can count on one hand the number of times that I have had an issue with the GemSeal product.

Why do I buy Gemseal? It's pretty simple... once I sell it I have no worries, and I feel great about what my customer has provided his customer. That is why I buy GemSeal sealer! Thanks for listening.”

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