• The 922 Retroreflectometer

    The 922 Sign RetroreflectometerThe 922 Handheld Retroreflectometer is the best solution for ensuring a cost effective, safe, zero error means of meeting the MUTCD retroreflectivity requirements of traffic signs.

    The user-friendly 922 comes standard with internal GPS, Bluetooth, barcode reader, pelican carrying case, two rechargeable batteries, data integration software, free training, and expert customer service.

    Watch a video on the 922 Retroreflectometer

      Watch a short video on the 922 Retroreflectometer...

    The best method for accurately measuring sign retroreflectivity

    The most advanced retroreflectometer available

    Patented annular lens technology meets and exceeds ASTM, CIE and DIN specifications

    Durable and lightweight, simple point and shoot operation

    Made and serviced in the USA

  • Pelican Carrying Case

    The 922 Sign Retroreflectometer Protective Carrying CaseEvery 922 comes standard with its' own premium Pelican carrying case for safe and protected transport of the 922 and included accessories.

    Accessories include 2 standard 12V rechargeable batteries and charger, calibration plate, two aperture reducers, software, and USB cable

    Molded foam for safe and protected transport of 922 and all accessories

    Watertight and dust proof

    Impact resistant withstanding up to 250 lbs

    Integrated automatic pressure equalization valve (optimal for air travel)

    Lifetime Guarantee of Excellence

  • Touch Screen

  • The 922 is the only sign retroreflectometer in the world with user-friendly touch screen operationThe 922 is the only sign retroreflectometer in the world with an intuitive, user-friendly touch screen operation. Quickly scroll through signs, add or adjust comments, or check GPS satellite connectivity while in the field.

    Touch-screen conveniently located for simple point and shoot operation

    User-friendly menu makes recording measurements fast and easy

    Quickly add custom comments to signs using onscreen keyboard

  • Data Integration

  • The 922 software allows easy management using Excel spreadsheets and Google MapsIt doesn't matter how technologically sophisticated your jurisdiction is or isn't! The software included with the 922 allows for easy data management in Excel spreadsheets and Google Maps without further software investment. Or just as easily prepares your data for upload into your GIS software.

    No GIS? No problem! Included software allows easy management using Excel spreadsheets and Google Maps

    Have GIS already? Included software allows you to prepare data for upload into all major GIS software programs with minimal effort

    Built-in Bluetooth allows field engineers to send the data directly to Trimble handheld units or similar

    Built-in Barcode Reader and GPS makes adding retroreflectivity readings to existing inventory management systems easy

    Our experts can assist you in picking the solution that works best for your needs and budget!

  • 922 Extension Pole

  • Attached infrared remote triggers retroreflectivity measurements or barcode reader without having to attach wiresMany traffic signs are mounted at heights out of reach of workers on the ground. The optional 922 extension pole enables workers to take overhead sign measurements without the use of a bucket lift truck or bulky ladders.

    Extends up to 15 feet using a simple twist-and-lock mechanism

    Attached infrared remote triggers retroreflectivity measurements or barcode reader without having to attach wires

    Meets and exceeds ASTM, CIE and DIN specifications

    Less than 30 seconds to attach or detach pole to 922

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MUTCD Regulation Compliancy Dates

The old 2012 – 2015 – 2018 compliancy dates were simplified with the passing of Revision 2 of the 2009 MUTCD edition that passed May 2012. The new regulation states:

June 13, 2014
All agencies will have to implement and continue use of an assessment or management method that is designed to maintain regulatory and warning sign retroreflectivity at or above the established minimum levels.

The MUTCD does not require replacement of any signs by a particular date; however, any sign identified as not meeting the established minimum retroreflectivity levels should be replaced as soon as possible.

It is also important to note that although the new compliance date only addresses regulatory and warning signs, agencies are instructed to add other signs types to the selected sign management method as resources allow. The FHWA simply felt that removing the compliance dates for various sign types better allow agencies to replace signs based on resources and relative priorities rather than specific compliance dates.

The changes were part of a larger initiative to simplify the MUTCD and ease the financial burden on agencies. Over 50 items incorporated in Revision 1 of the 2009 edition were affected by the May 14th ruling. The complete 2009 MUTCD Revision 2 Final Rule may be found at: www.regulations.gov; docket ID: FHWA-2010-0159.

Why the 922 Retroreflectometer?

Each day in the USA, traffic signs warn 200 million licensed drivers of road conditions, traffic patterns, speed limits and upcoming hazards, but a sign cannot help if it cannot be seen.

Over time, the elements (sun, rain, snow, dirt) wear down the reflective qualities of sign sheeting making them barely visible at night when signs are needed most. The safety risk posed by degraded sign visibility prompted the FHWA to outline in the MUTCD five approved methods government agencies may implement to monitor and maintain retroreflectivity levels of traffic signs.

The fifth method – actual sign retroreflectivity levels measured using a sign retroreflectometer – is quickly becoming the preferred method for ensuring roadway safety for hazardous nighttime driving. On average, agencies using this straightforward method have been able to safely reduce their annual sign replacements from 12-15% to as low as 2-3%.

The robust, yet intuitive, 922 sign retroreflectometer solution makes
compliance a simple matter:

Patented Annular technology and intuitive touch screen allows for quick and easy readings by any person with minimal training

Ease to read, definitive measurement of retroreflectivity removes human subjectivity from pass/fail rating ultimately saving money by eliminating unnecessary sign replacements

Included 922 software easily integrates collected data with several of the top GIS software systems without a further technology investment

Ability to add comments expands the data collection possibilities of the 922


MUTCD Retro Reules White PaperWhite Paper - “MUTCD Retro Rule: How to be Compliant without Busting Budgets Using a Retroreflectometer”
Learn how the use of a retroreflectometer as a safe and efficient method for monitoring traffic signs retroreflectivity as set forth in the MUTCD can help save budgets and enable allocation of resources by sign performance and priority. In this whitepaper we cover all the basics so you can develop a deeper understanding of your agency's particular needs.

Download The White Paper Now!

Retroreflectivity Minimums

Minimum Maintained Retroreflectivity Levels

(in units of cd/lx/m^2 measured at an observation angle of 0.2° and an entrance angle of -4.0°)

Click here for a printable version of the Minimum Maintained Retroreflectivity Levels

  Printable chart


Sign Color


Additional Criteria

Sheeting Type (ASTM D4956-04)

Beaded Sheeting

Prismatic Sheeting





White on Green


white not approved; green > 7

white not approved; green > 15

white not approved; green > 25

white > 250;
green > 25


white not approved; green > 7

white > 120; green > 15

Black on Yellow or Black on Orange

For text and fine symbol signs measuring > 1200mm (48 in) and all bold symbol signs

yellow/orange not approved

yellow > 50; orange > 50

For text and fine symbol signs measuring < 1200mm (48 in)

yellow/orange not approved

yellow > 75; orange > 75

White on Red

Minimum sign contrast ratio > 3:1 (white retroreflectivity / red retroreflectivity)

white > 35; red > 7

Black on White


white > 50

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This webinar explains 3 different options for meeting the MUTCD requirements through the use of retroflectometers. Some agencies may prefer the basic "no frills" solution, while others might find it necessary to utilize more advanced tracking and sign management methods. We simplify these options for you, show some examples of the software and technology agencies are using, as well as answer questions from attendees.

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Are you Ready? - An Update on Sign Retroreflectivity Requirements
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